What is the basis for a perfect and high quality roof window? The basis of course is the quality of the material used, including insulation. Our insulation provides heat and sound insulation, waterproof and also resistance to condensation in the form of water dripping onto the floor. You will also enjoy the feeling of safety with the rugged double hail and other natural calamities. In addition, you can choose from two material variants, wooden and plastic. Each of them will give you their own advantages, but most have both variants in common.
For all the benefits we will add an even longer warranty
Do you like the features that our products give you, but would you like more? No problem. In addition to the great benefits, we also offer you two kinds of guides, namely paper and video instructions that will provide you with a quality foundation for proper self-assembly. And because the tutorials are good quality, we will provide you with a 10-year warranty, even if you rely on yourself.