Is it stupid? Oh, no! It's meant quite seriously. You definitely own a car. Where is it parked? In front of the house in public parking? Or maybe in your own garage? Or in the parking lot guarded? Do you know that one of the effective forms of property protection against theft is a sodium lamp? Yes, it's light in the dark. No, you don't install it on your car. Build your car under the lamp, or take the light above the door of your garage. Do you know that this light has a high luminous intensity? Underneath it is seen as by day. Literally, he's got a yellow color.
At least consider this variant
Look at the guarded parking lot. Have you noticed the lighting? It's not about the flickering lights of the maze. Why do they use it for night sitter? Or in the yard of factory halls or warehouses? They're there too! Will they be profitable? They are. They don't even have high power consumption. They emit a lot of yellow light and are not unpleasant for the eyes. It may be because they are not made of clear glass. These lights are really good.