The last time, the modern new building, tuned to the white-grey farieb, and so on, purchases Majú Licenciu Strandex Corporation for the production of unique products from WPC, Priniesli to the market unique annealed Inox. Hitom last year Boli construction with terrace Doskami so Štruktúrou Forest in dark Odtieňoch hnedej ako is Palisander ao a little svetlejšie Teak, Alebo then annealed patterns.
Inšpirdo SA Priamo v Centre
The Okrem of the dark-skined Farieb is a building with terrace Doskami on the Obľube tiež Gray and Čiernej Farby Inox and Eben. To Budúceho year and Očakava, that SA hitom becomes Forest Plus Inox, a novelty in the gray Farbe so annealed. The Okrem of flat Stavieb pri Dome is from backrest Roku in Ponuke tiež wide range of WPC profiled Obkladov. Tie plan designed reading on the zvislé surfaces. Decal Profiles Eco new Generácie sa increased dajú perfect skombinovlet so construction. Suitable plan tiež on the paneling of Záhradny Múrikov, pergolas or for example parking Prístreškov.

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